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DACH distributor, system integrator, service base and sales agency for Condition Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance technologies

Power & Distribution Transformers, Motors & Generators

ENGING offers advanced, disruptive industrial asset condition monitoring solutions to monitor the condition of electric motors and power transformers. These valuable assets are the work horse of modern industry.  Using electrical variables only and based on the latest IIoT technologies, Enging develops disruptive, non-invasive and real-time monitoring solutions, that allow for extremely accurate, early-stage online fault detection through a user-friendly web platform, ePreditMntc®. With this innovative condition monitoring platform, customers can effectively manage the asset performance and anticipate asset failures. MORE

HV Substations & MV/LV Secondary Substations

eMS’ (embedded Monitoring Solutions) power monitoring systems delivers information to the right people at the right time wherever electricity is generated, transmitted, distributed or consumed. Critical information on the source and location of electrical faults and developing issues. Targeted information to avoid data overload and drive efficient action. Actionable information – saving time, reducing costs and protecting valuable equipment. MORE…

Cable Feeders, Transformers & Meters

Utilities and electric power clients today must efficiently utilize their current energy supplies while effectively incorporating, generating, and scaling distributed energy across their increasingly complex smart grid ecosystems. Cities must better understand how the shifting energy landscape is effecting its infrastructure and its citizens. Big data can help facilitate many of these tasks; however, many utilities, power clients, and city stakeholders lack the technology and analytical expertise to make sense of the data their smart grids generate each day.