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Portfolio – Embedded Monitoring Systems

Substation Asset Condition & Grid Event Monitoring

Sub.net is a web enabled, multi-functional substation monitoring system incorporating wide ranging monitoring and recording functionality for use in the electricity supply industry and industrial plants. This makes sub.net ideal for use with Smart Grid where the internet is used to deliver useful information on the state of the energy network.

DOWNLOAD sub.net Brochure (PDF)

sub.net substation monitor delivers visibility oftoday’s ageing electrical grid, and tomorrow’s smart grid, to maximise efficiency and reduce risk. Sub.net introduces automatic analysis to the substation, monitoring and identifying problems throughout grid installations – reducing costs and saving time and money. sub.net…

1. monitors your network assets for any faults24/7 365 days a year.
2. performs automatic fault analysis, to verify performance of network assets.
3. e-mails ready analysed and prioritized event reports within moments, ensuring that the right people get the right information right away.


  • Multiple substation monitoring functions
  • Embedded event classifier saves engineering time
  • Event reports sent via email, fax and text message
  • Concurrent and prioritised reporting from multiple units
  • Embedded web pages for viewing reports, inputs and set-up
  • No dedicated master station software required
  • Four concurrent recording rates
  • Recorded data available in COMTRADE format
  • Compact DIN rail mounting enclosure
  • Portable and wall mounting options
  • Fully solid state design
  • Embedded network, modem and GPS time sync.
  • Low power consumption
  • Ease of use


  • Protection monitoring
  • Quality of supply recording
  • System stability monitoring
  • Asset condition monitoring
  • Line fault location
  • Power recording and submetering
  • System planning
  • Generator monitoring
  • Grid code compliance
  • Real time display
  • Power quantities transducer
  • Synchrophasor measurement
  • Specialist applications – Capacitor bank switching Peterson coil monitoring

Asset Condition & Grid Event Monitoring

Sub.net continuously monitors and reports on protection operations, quality of supply, stability and other substation asset conditions. Real time monitoring and metering are other integral features. Sub.net is a completely new concept in substation monitoring to meet the evolving needs and demands of the power supply industry. It will significantly reduce engineering fault analysis time, assist in network improvements, aid fault location and help reduce customer minutes lost (CML). Both installation costs and time are greatly reduced due to its very compact size. Embedded software within sub.net provides automatic analysis of the recorded data resulting from system events and sends prioritized reports as email, fax or text messages. This enables rapid engineering assessments to be made and appropriate prompt actions to be taken. There is now no longer any need for large volumes of data to be retrieved from multiple instruments to a centralized master station before information can be made available to users.

Remote communications are via LAN, PSTN or GSM connections. As event reporting is by email any number of sub.nets can process and transmit reports at the same time delivering timely information directly to user’s desktops. Because sub.net works in this way a central master station application is not required saving time and money.

A web browser is all that is required to retrieve waveform and RMS files if signal data are required for further analysis. These files may also be sent as email attachments with the event report in COMTRADE format. DIN rail mounting design enables rear panel fixing of the sub.net, close to the input connections. This, together with its very compact size, enables big reductions in both panel space requirements and wiring costs.

Sub.net uses field programmable devices and solid state storage to produce a high performance, flexible, low power instrument in a small enclosure. The low power consumption allows sub.net to be used in substations with older electromechanical protection.

Manufacturing Options

DIN rail mounting
Portable case
Wall / Pole mounting cabinet

Power supply
110/230V ac & 110/220V dc
30/50V dc
110/230V ac with external battery

Input modules
3x VT & 3x CT
6x CT
1x DC

V90 modem
GSM/GPRS modem
PSTN router
SCADA (Modbus RS485/TCP)
Synchrophasor (IEEE C37.118)

Time sync
GPS receiver
GPS aerial and cable

Current transformers
Wedding ring (toroidal)
Split core
AC clamp
Hall effect DC clamp
3 phase Rogowski probe